Learning is a lifelong process; XtremeLabs encourages community members to engage in personal development and fulfillment whenever possible. XtremeLabs is honored to announce that our Senior Support and Infrastructure Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer, Rehan Majeed, is a speaker at the MCT Summit Pakistan 2021. Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. The MCT Summit is an opportunity for MCTs around the nation to meet, learn about new technologies, and grow as instructors and presenters through many professional development presentations and classes.

MCT summits worldwide are organized to bring MCTs together to update their skills, announce new Microsoft programs, and spread best practices for teaching and learning. Pakistan has one of the most active MCT regional communities. Amim Muhammad Khan is the regional lead.

Summit Details:

Date: Sunday, September 26, 2021

Time: 04:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT+5

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

The MCT Summit Pakistan was hosted by Creative Tech with the collaboration of the Microsoft Global Developer Experience (Dx) Community Team. Check out the full schedule and speakers’ details!

“To stay connected with the modern digital world, keep your knowledge up to date by learning new technologies, which empower learners with the knowledge, confidence, decision-making power, and much more. Don’t stop your learning ever. When you stop your learning, you will leave your qualities behind you” -Rehan Majeed, Senior Support and Infrastructure Engineer, XtremeLabs LLC.

With a dedication towards bringing together the XtremeLabs community of practitioners, learners, professionals, and teachers, XtremeLabs recently hosted its first annual conference, eXL: Experiential Learning for All. Our speakers came from technology companies, professional IT training organizations, and academic institutions across five continents. Click here to watch the recorded sessions of the eXL conference 2021.


Interview with Rehan

Rehan, thanks for speaking with us today! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about speaking at the MCT summit.

Why did you want to participate in the summit?

Rehan: Many new people become MCTs every year, but they don’t know what benefits are available to MCTs. Many MCTs also don’t know how to teach classes when their students don’t have good resources to practice what they learn.

What did you speak about?

Rehan: I wanted to share some of the MCT benefits with MCTs and students in the session, especially the resources available on the XtremeLabs platform to learn on demand. Some of these resources are free for their use when prepping ahead of teaching a classroom. I also wanted to share how to use the lab features on the XtremeLabs platform.

Why is that so important?

Rehan:  Many MCTs hold multiple Microsoft certifications and have excellent technical skills. However, I’ve met many MCTs who don’t know that Microsoft offers free MCT Readiness access to labs on the XtremeLabs platform when MCTs are prepping for their classroom teaching. This access to labs ahead of the scheduled classroom start date means that MCTs can practice how they will teach in a low-pressure environment and make sure they are fully prepared before they interact with students. We want MCTs to be successful!

What were some of the other topics that you found interesting?

Rehan: I found the following topics interesting:

  1. There was an excellent discussion about new directions for PowerShell.
  2. The concluding remarks by Tiago Costa were also wonderful.
Would you speak at another MCT summit in the future?

Rehan: Yes!

What’s something you want the XtremeLabs community to know?

Rehan: Everyone should learn and earn Microsoft certifications. They will equip learners with great knowledge, confidence, and leadership qualities.


Thank you for speaking with us, Rehan!