On this page, you will find a quick introduction to XtremeLabs and its work with Microsoft as an official Authorized Lab Hoster (ALH):

  • About XtremeLabs
  • Offerings
  • Product Feature Sets
  • Platform and Pricing
  • Lab Development Process
  • How to Work with XtremeLabs
  • Support Availability
  • Industry and User Awards


About XtremeLabs
  • XtremeLabs LLC is a Microsoft Authorized Lab Hoster (ALH), providing official hands-on learning labs to Learning Partners in over 160 countries.

–XtremeLabs is headquartered in McLean, VA with a global staff and support presence. We have supported Microsoft WWL with training labs for many years across multiple programs.

–The XtremeLabs Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is fully integrated with MS Learn courseware so that LPs can track student metrics and earn KPIs.

–Learning Partners from anywhere in the world can reach out to sales@xtremelabs.io for more information about labs and help with classroom setup. Our sales team would be glad to assist with a platform demo and free custom theme for your organization that includes an LP domain and branding.

–Learning Partners can reach out to support@xtremelabs.io for technical lab support.

  • XtremeLabs is also the official lab provider of free Microsoft Readiness lab prep to Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs).

–We serve thousands of MCTs as they get ready for upcoming classrooms, try out new courses, and prep for courseware and lab exercise updates.

–All active MCTs are encouraged register for the free lab prep benefit at https://labs.xtremelabs.io/mct/access, where they can access all of the labs for official Microsoft training courseware.

Types of Labs Offered

Objective-Based Lab Journeys

  • Practice labs
  • Certification labs
  • Practice exam labs
  • Sandbox labs
  • Project-/collaboration-based labs
  • Performance-based testing

Role-Based Lab Journeys

  • Cloud Practitioners
  • IT Admins
  • Software Engineers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Technology Managers
  • Cybersecurity Experts
Product Feature Sets

Platform and Pricing
  • XtremeLabs is known for its award-winning labs and lab platform.

–In addition to content integration with MS Learn, Learning Partners can integrate their own content.

–XtremeLabs also builds custom labs for learning organizations. The next slide outlines this process.

–We offer seamless integration with your platform via APIs and LTI.

–Integrated content, intuitive UI, and rich reporting are all reasons why Learning Partners love XtremeLabs!

  • Pricing is competitive and based on technology, classroom duration, and additional cloud/tenant resources.

–Please reach out to sales@xtremelabs.io for discounted pricing for certain geographic areas and volume pricing.

New Lab Development Process - Custom Labs

How to Work with XtremeLabs
  • 4 ways to start getting connected with XtremeLabs:

–Contact sales@xtremelabs.io or at +1 425-654-7445 with your inquiry. We would be happy to set up a demo and onboarding. We can also help set up your classroom with the right lab, content, and access.

–Learn more about XtremeLabs at https://www.xtremelabs.io/, including our 12+ years of building award-winning lab products and our history of Microsoft programs, including the current MCT Readiness lab prep program.

–Visit our new XtremeLabs store (launches March 2023) at https://store.xtremelabs.io/ to purchase our lab and supplemental products.

–Watch our demo videos, webinars, and highlights from our annual conference eXL: Experiential Learning for All at https://www.youtube.com/@xtremelabs9316/featured

Support Availability

Industry and User Awards

Click here to learn more about our awards and activities: https://xtremelabs.io/xtremelabs-news-information/