At XtremeLabs, we believe in continuous improvement and are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the user experience. Next week, XtremeLabs will be releasing Lab Viewer UI updates which will provide lab users with a new Lab Information Menu and Lab Action Menu.

Below is some additional information about the updates and how this will affect your experience. You can also refer to our updated user guide. (Please note: the user guide URL will reflect the latest user guide after the deployment is complete next week).

Lab Information Menu

The lab information Menu contains 4 main sections:

  1. Cloud Credentials
  2. Classroom Details
  3. Files
  4. Lab Network Information

Cloud Credentials

For labs that require cloud services credentials, Office 365 tenants or Dynamic tenants, a link will appear for the user in this field. Users can click on the Credentials link and a pop-up window will be displayed that shows the Username and Password that can be used to sign-in to the cloud service.

Classroom Details

In this section, users will find all the information about the classroom they are connected to. This information includes:

Files Menu

The file menu provides users with resource links to:

  1. User Guide – Users can view and download the student user guide.
  2. Lab Manual – If a lab manual is included, users can download the lab manual using this link.
  3. Lab Notes – This link will provide students with any special notes or information that can assist in completing the labs.

Lab Network Info

This section will list all the information of the network which is being used in the current VM operations.

Lab Actions Menu

The Lab Action Menu provides user with the option to End Lab and, where available, Save Lab

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