We are excited to release several new enhancements to the XtremeLabs product. Many thanks to all the learners, instructors, and partners that have provided feedback and participated in our focus groups!

To improve user experience and increase user productivity, XtremeLabs has launched a new, improved User Interface (UI). The new UI is focused on providing greater visibility, more straightforward navigation, and enhanced live chat support to our users. Recent UI enhancements include:

  • Detachable Lab Steps: Allows instructors and users to move Lab instruction set to another tab and another available monitor. This feature gives learners and instructors more real estate to work on the hands-on Lab.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) Operations Tabs:  The new VM operations tab, adjacent to the Lab Steps tab, provides detailed VM operations in one place, such as a list of VMs, Start VM, End VM, etc.
  • Lab Progress Status:  A glance at the footer provides learners the status of their Lab progress.
  • LTI User access to Classrooms:  This new feature allows users utilizing LTI to access XtremeLabs to join existing Classrooms set up by their instructors. These learners will now be able to benefit from several Classroom features such as Virtual Meetings, Cloud File Sharing, Cloud Express Pass, while instructors will assist and monitor learner progress.
  • Cloud File Sharing:  This feature allows instructors to share material with students using public cloud file-sharing platforms such as Google Drive, One Drive, and others
  • Live Chat with XtremeLabs Support:  Students and Instructors can now use our Live Chat functionality in the Account portal and within each Lab. Our award-winning Support team will immediately start solving your problems via chat.
  • Other UX/CX improvements
    • End Lab button shifted so that a Lab can’t be accidentally shut off.
    • Instance ID placement is made more prominent.
    • Search Capability added to Account Portal allowing instructors and others to find Labs quickly.

It’s been a busy year for XtremeLabs. In addition to the above features, we have rolled out the Virtual Meeting Integration, Labs Bytes, Screenshot feature, and Cloud Express Pass for Azure.

Here is some more information about the new features:


Detachable Labs Steps Manual

Our lab UI now includes the option to detach lab steps and have them in a separate window. It increases the user’s productivity by enabling them to practice lab steps without looking at the lab manual while preparing for their exams. You can detach your labs’ steps manual by simply clicking on the arrow icon above the End Lab button.


Virtual Machine Operations Tab:

The VM Operations tab is adjacent to the Lab steps overlay for easier access to the VM operations. This tab includes:

  • Current VM information
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete Button
  • Take Screenshot Button
  • Paste Content Button
  • Reconnect Button


Lab Progress Status

The new UI features a completion summary within the footer of the lab step overlay. The completion summary includes the number of pages the user has completed and the total Lab percentage that has been completed. This feature will allow the user to keep track of their current progress.


Cloud File Sharing

Instructors can now share files with their students from the Classroom Details menu in the Manage Classroom option. On the very right side of the Classroom details window, there is an Add file sharing button.


All the popular file sharing services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox are supported.


The Instructors will then need to Generate and Paste a Cloud file sharing link in that chosen application.


Once created, the Cloud files will be accessed by the Students. Students will see a File Sharing Tab in the Lab Viewer Window. Students can access the shared files and folders by simply clicking on the File sharing Button. By clicking on the Other Button, A separate window will appear before the students, allowing them to see files already shared by their respective instructors.


Live Chat with XtremeLabs Support

XtremeLabs Live chat support allows our users to request support assistance from within the account portal.  Embedding live chat right into the account portal gives our users the option to request live support with tasks such as creating classrooms, retrieving and redeeming access codes, launching labs, as well as other tasks. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the How can we help tab on the bottom right corner of the account portal.


Other UX/CX Enhancements:

The End Lab button has been moved to the Actions drop-down menu. This will help prevent users from accidentally ending a lab session.


Clear Display of Instance ID

The Instance ID is now clearly displayed above the Lab Step Overlay. Instance IDs are important when communicated with our support team.


Search option in the Account Portal

Instructors and Learners can now search for their desired courses from the account portal by simply typing the course name in the search tab.


Stay tuned!  We have got some new capabilities launching soon!