Last month, XtremeLabs hosted our latest Spanish-language webinar that covered a variety of training topics relevant to technology professionals and students. Below we recap some highlights of our AI for Business and BlockSkill ERP webinar held on January 25, 2024.

In this helpful and informative webinar (conducted in Spanish), Fabio Jimenez from Interactive Technology Group (ITG) provided

  • an overview of current applications of AI
  • recommendations of Microsoft courses that would be good for people to get a better understanding of and potentially a job working with AI
  • its potential impact on processes and the job market
  • an explanation and description of BlockSkill ERP.

During the webinar Fabio shared how he thinks it is likely that AI overall will not replace people at work but instead AI will take over on tedious, dangerous and repetitive tasks to improve performance and allow humans to put greater focus on creativity and overall business processes.  The belief is that AI can and should be thought of as a tool that will allow us to grow our strengths. 

Fabio pointed out how creating and following an ethical standard when developing and working with AI is important and that a positive outlook on utilization and implementation of AI will be beneficial when finding how to move forward with AI.  Fabio continued in pointing out various scenarios where there are gaps or opportunities created by using AI.  Some examples of where there are opportunities with AI are development and programming or data interpretations and gaps where humans can use AI for assistance but because of the need for focus on the human experience, sensitivity, creativity and social skills, humans will need to remain involved. 

BlockSkill ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) is a cloud based corporate skills management system (offered by ITG) that enables vendors, suppliers, customers, instructors and learners to manage rich, interactive and intuitive skills offerings while reducing training efforts and costs.  A simpler way to put it is that BlockSkill ERP is a platform that can be used for planning the utilization of resources.

A recording of the webinar with more details about AI for Business and BlockSkill ERP is available here AI for Business and BlockSkill ERP.