Performance monitoring is crucial to an evaluation in the virtual learning process. XtremeLabs has launched the Dashboard feature, which provides instructors with a comprehensive snapshot of students’ real-time performance. The dashboard feature allows instructors to get an unbiased and dynamic view of their student’s performance during the active lab session.

Classroom Overview

The Dashboard page includes the Classroom Overview section, which contains details for:

  1. Learning Partner
  2. Classroom Name
  3. Dates of the classroom
  4. Link to the Student Usage Report
  5. Enable Screenshot

Student Usage Report (Active Students)

Instructors will be able to track the activities of active students and can view their lab progress status with the help of the Student Usage Report. This report provides real-time information on active student sessions. The report will include the lab title, the date and time of the first and last launch, the number of times the student has launched this lab, and the duration in minutes that the lab has been in use. (See sample report below).

Instructors can see the lab usage history of their students on the Student Usage Report page and can also download the report by clicking on the Download Report button in the upper right corner of the page.

There will be separate details for each students’ active lab session for the student’s name, student code, and active lab screenshots.

By clicking on the Show Images button, instructors will see the student’s lab progress status.

Instructors can also download the student’s VM screenshots by clicking on the Download Image button.

By clicking on the Download Images button, the instructor can download the .csv file to their local computers (see below a sample of the .csv file).

Screenshot Refresh Interval

To enable the screenshot functionality, instructors should select the Enable Screenshot checkbox. Instructors can also set the Screenshot Refresh Interval for each course. This feature allows the instructors to set the different time duration of their choice for the screenshot capturing process. Intervals can be set for every 3, 4, 5, or 10 minutes.

Session Sharing

Instructors can also share their students’ active lab sessions from the Dashboard page. If a student is currently in an active lab, the lab name and lab thumbnail will be shown. Instructors will be able to join/ share the student’s session by clicking the lab thumbnail.

To view the student’s screen, click on the Lab name above the lab thumbnail image. The student’s screen will then be presented in a new tab of your browser.

Student Usage Report (Inactive Students)

Instructors will also be able to see the lab usage history of their inactive students (not currently in the classroom) with the help of the Student Usage Report. By clicking the Student Usage Report button, instructors will be directed to a new tab (Student usage report).

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