XtremeLabs believes in giving back to society and playing our role in uplifting the underprivileged community. Today we joined the global community in celebrating Giving Tuesday by donating hundreds of sporting goods to four schools in underserved communities in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Azad Kashmir areas of Pakistan.

The XtremeLabs team worked with schools throughout the summer to understand the needs and requirements for sporting equipment and games.  Each of our Ambassadors went to the localities, spent time with the administrators and teachers, and assembled the wish list.  XtremeLabs and its leadership provided funds.  Leveraging the concept of the multiplier effect, our team procured locally made sporting equipment from local sporting goods retailers.  We intended to use the ‘local multiplier effect’ and increase the impact of our donations, leading to 7x in recirculated income in the communities and localities.

The schools serving the underprivileged community lack the resources to develop programs for sports and games that can aid their students’ mental and physical development. Thus, to fulfill the gap of resource scarcity, the XtremeLabs team donated 1000+ sporting items, including badminton rackets and nets, volleyballs and nets, cricket bats, soccer balls, puzzles, board games, and many other things.

On Giving Tuesday (11/30/2021) and the week leading up to it, our teams went to the schools and met many of the 1500+ students who would benefit from the donations.  It was a rewarding and humbling experience to interact with our upcoming generation’s talented and unique representatives!