Users can now capture Screenshot of their Virtual Machine’s content


XtremeLabs now offers a screenshot feature within the lab environment.  XtremeLabs students can now take and save Automatically Generated Screenshots within the lab environment. This screenshot feature will let our users capture exactly what they’re seeing on their screen to share with their instructors and support team.

The Take Screenshot option is located at the top of the Labs Viewer Window under the Actions dropdown menu within your launched Lab environment.

When the user will click on the Take Screenshot button, Screenshots will automatically be captured from the user’s current VM and will appear in the Footer just before the Support Link.

By clicking on the Screenshot (Badge Count), a detailed list of captured screenshots will appear (see image below). This Screenshot feature can be beneficial to both students and instructors. Instructors can use this information to track their student’s activities within the lab environment and can assist with any roadblocks that students may face.

Instructors will also see these screenshots within the manage classrooms menu in the lab portal. Instructors will be able to see Screenshots of all active modules of their students in the ACTIVE LAB tab. It can save time and allow instructors to better assist students without having to launch a student’s lab to track their activities. They can view all student screenshots from this menu.

Students can use these screenshots to provide more detailed information to our support team when experiencing technical issues. Screenshots of their current VMs can now be submitted to our support team using the online contact us form.

Contact our Sales Team if you have any questions regarding our Screenshot Feature.