New Waypoint Ventures, LLC courseware and labs are available now for M365001: Microsoft 365 Administration. The courseware and labs are available for purchase through the XtremeLabs Marketplace.

M365001WV: Microsoft 365 Administration Courseware

This course examines the Microsoft 365 platform and includes lessons and lab exercises on the key skills you’ll need for deploying, configuring, and managing a Microsoft 365 environment. You’ll learn how to plan, deploy, and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant by using the Microsoft 365 admin portal, Microsoft Entra admin center, and Windows PowerShell. You’ll also learn how to provision and configure a new Microsoft 365 tenant, create new identities, or connect to an existing identity infrastructure, and monitor and support a Microsoft 365 tenant.

  • Provision a new Microsoft 365 tenant and configure general tenant options and settings.
  • Create and manage the most commonly used objects in Microsoft 365, such as users, groups, and teams.
  • Configure role delegation and use Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Purview to improve security and compliance in Microsoft 365 services.
  • Manage objects, object settings, and authentication in Microsoft Entra ID, and integrate Entra ID with AD DS.
  • Use monitoring and reporting capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Entra ID and troubleshoot typical issues in Microsoft 365.

M365001WV: Microsoft 365 Administration Lab

This lab is for IT professionals who want to learn the key skills needed for deploying, configuring, and managing a Microsoft 365 tenant. ​​The lab exercises cover provisioning and configuration of a Microsoft 365 tenant, adding and configuring users, and creating and managing the user, resource, and group objects. It also covers managing roles and permissions, ​and reviewing usage reports, health information, and logs to monitor the Microsoft 365 environment.

Labs Modules Included: 5 Lab Modules

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