Microsoft has just announced a change to their role-based certification exams. While completing your exam, you will have access to all of the resources on the Microsoft Learn domain as an exam resource, except for Q&A and your profile. Your time won’t be extended, so make sure you use Learn only for those questions where you need to look something up. You can learn more about how to access Learn resources during role-based certification exams here.

In summer 2022, XtremeLabs integrated Microsoft Learn into our official Microsoft labs. This means that our lab learners can access Learn as a resource, just like in the role-based certification exams. Students can view general course-level information from their XtremeLabs Account Portal and lesson-specific Learn resource links within each lab module.

There is also a variety of other helpful links and resources that classroom instructors and learning organizations can add to their students’ learning experience, such as knowledge checks and access to community forums. You can learn more about how you can add additional content to your students’ experience here.

Because our labs can be used for practice as well as for more high-stakes preparation for Microsoft certification exams, we encourage all learners to spend time exploring Learn content. Students’ use of Learn will be tracked by our platform, so that MCTs and Learning Partners can see which students have accessed which Learn resources. Additionally, metrics that count toward partner KPIs can be tracked via the Learning Partner’s MPN ID, which can be updated in the organization’s profile.

Achievement codes and MTM have also been integrated with the XtremeLabs LXP. Classroom admin can decide whether to enable achievement codes and MTM surveys for individual learners or the entire classroom.

Achievement code redemption and MTM survey URL access can also be tracked, allowing MCTs and Learning Partners greater insight into their students’ progress.

Finally, don’t forget that we provide free custom domains and branding features to our partners. Your students can access a seamless lab and content learning experience branded with your logos and themes. Read more here.