XtremeLabs was honored to be a platinum sponsor for the MCT Summit 2019 Europe event held in Lithuania on September 18 – 21. The event offered our team the opportunity to engage MCTs and address their needs with the ever-changing world of Microsoft and the training tools needed to deliver professional training. Meetings were held with Microsoft and the MCT community covering a variety of topics ranging from existing and new content, content matching up with the training labs, and what is coming down the horizon in the lab space.   Especially productive were the one-on-one sessions with the Microsoft team and the MCTs.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our dinner party which included a live band and a DJ. Kudos to the brave MCTs who got on the stage and did some singing (please keep your day jobs!)

Our host, Tomas and his wonderful family, took care of everybody like a true family.  From the daily events, evening events, to the final day of epic sight-seeing in and around Vilnius, all the events were delivered seamlessly and with tender care.  Thank you Tomas!

As a reminder MCTs can gain access to our Microsoft Labs Online by validating their MCID and the associated email address here. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the MCT Readiness Guide.

Highlights of the event are below!