The XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure

XtremeLabs now offers two options for labs that require Azure access. Learning Partners can choose to purchase our standard Azure labs, which require an Azure Pass to be provided for each student; or can now choose our Cloud Express Pass for Azure option. The Cloud Express Pass for Azure automatically generates a set of Azure credentials for students to access an Azure subscription from within the XtremeLabs Viewer UI. The Azure credentials will be available to students under the File menu once the lab has been launched. The Azure subscription is fully managed by XtremeLabs and does not require students to sign up for their own Azure credentials.

Courses with Cloud Express for Azure option:

Course Course Name
20486 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications
20765 Provisioning SQL Databases
20767 Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse
20778 Analyzing Data with Power BI
AI-100T01-A Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution
AZ-010T00-A Azure Administration for AWS SysOps
AZ-103T00-A Microsoft Azure Administrator
AZ-104T00-A Microsoft Azure Administrator
AZ-220T00-A Microsoft Azure IoT Developer
AZ-300T01-A Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure
AZ-300T02-A Implementing Workloads and Security
AZ-300T03-A Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions
AZ-300T04-A Creating and Deploying Apps
AZ-300T06-A Developing for the Cloud
AZ-301T01-A Designing for Identity and Security
AZ-301T02-A Designing a Data Platform Solution
AZ-301T03-A Designing for Deployment, Migration, and Integration
AZ-301T04-A Designing an Infrastructure Strategy
AZ-303T00-A Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
AZ-304T00-A Microsoft Azure Architect Design
AZ-400T02-A Implementing Continuous Integration
AZ-400T04-A Implementing Dependency Management
AZ-500T00-A Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
AZ-900T00-A Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (2 Day)
AZ-900T01-A Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
DP-050T00-A Migrate SQL workloads to Azure
DP-060T00-A Migrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DB
DP-070T00-A Migrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure
DP-100T01-A Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
DP-200T01-A Implementing an Azure Data Solution
DP-201T01-A Designing an Azure Data Solution
DP-300T00-A Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure? 

A: XtremeLabs has provided its own solutions for users to access Azure resources as an alternative to using Azure Passes. With XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure, users will receive Azure credentials from within the lab environment.


Q: Is there a limitation on the number of times the labs can be launched? 

A: Unlike many competitor solutions the XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure will not limit the number of times the labs can be launched. Users will be able to launch the lab as many times are needed during the duration of access for the labs.


Q: Is there a separate charge for XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure? 

A: No.  There is one price for the lab and that includes access to XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure.


Q: How do I purchase these new courses that include Azure resources? 

A: Users will be able to purchase courses on Courseware Marketplace by choosing the XtremeLabs Azure Cloud Express Pass option or directly through XtremeLabs. Please reach out to if you need help purchasing a course. 

Q: Has anything changed about the classroom experience? 

A: No.


Q: How long will users have access to the labs with the XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure? 

A: Access to XtremeLabs Azure resources will be available for the duration of the classroom.  


Q: Who manages the XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure solution? 

A: The Cloud Express Pass solution is fully managed and maintained by the XtremeLabs Team, which means we define the level of access according to the requirements of the labs.


Q: Will the Cloud Express Pass include a full Azure Subscription? 

A: Yes, the Azure Cloud Express Pass Solution, will provide users with Subscription level of access, which means users can create resource groups within the labs.


Q: Will the Cloud Express Pass require Instructors or Students to take any additional action to set up? 

A: No, the Cloud Express Pass will not require any additional setup. When choosing the XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass for Azure , the Azure credentials will automatically be provided to you in the lab environment under the File Menu.


Q: Will the Azure Cloud Express Pass work for all exercises?

A: There are some exercises where subscription access is not sufficient for the exercise. In those cases, the exercise is marked within the lab and the student may skip over the exercise without affecting progress on other parts of the lab.


Q: What if I have an Azure class that is not included in the above table? 

A: Please reach out to if you would like details on a specific course’s availability.