McLean, Virginia – XtremeLabs LLC, the creator of the award-winning Learning Experience Platform with hands-on learning labs and integrated content, announced today that they have partnered with TA International to launch Tablet Academy (TA) USA.

TA USA is an education consultancy and training provider specializing in offering tailored turnkey digital transformation solutions to school districts and K-12 administrators, educators, and learners. TA USA works with organizations to transform technology adoption, enhance professional development, and increase student engagement. Programs include digital transformation change management, planning services that evaluate schools’ technology needs and provide strategic guidance, and a digital skills review of staff.

In addition to these services, TA USA also offers a variety of services and programs that are free of charge to schools and students, including providing support to schools participating in First® Lego® League, Microsoft EDU support, Adobe Express for Education, and the fully funded Digital Champion educational training programs for school leaders, teachers, and teaching assistants focusing on educational technology.

Tablet Academy (International), or TA (Intl) for short, was incorporated by TA (UK) founders Professor Steve Molyneux and Mark Yorke to act as a hub for international projects and to co-ordinate the work of TA partners around the world.

“Having XtremeLabs join our family of TA partners across the world will allow education institutions across the USA and Europe, Middle East, and Africa to prosper by developing and implementing successful digital transformation strategies aimed at supporting students of all ages in their learning journey, and in providing them with the necessary digital skills to become innovative contributors to the 4th industrial age.” said Molyneux of the partnership.

XtremeLabs was chosen to lead the Tablet Academy vision in the US and looks forward to partnering with K-12 schools and educational leaders, based on its success in working with higher education and professional training leaders.

“Partnering with TA International to launch TA USA is aligned with our strategy to provide technology solutions to the global education sector”, said Ahmar Abbas, CEO of XtremeLabs LLC. “TA USA will provide a proven portfolio of services to the K-12 institutions in the US”.

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Tablet Academy USA maintains an ethos of being an impartial organization created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning, administrative work practices, strategic leadership through the integration of new and existing technologies.

As part of the TA International group, TA USA provides tailored turnkey training solutions to meet your school’s needs. Working with schools, educators and learners, TA USA has its head office based out of McLean, VA.